Sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon a writer whose voice is so genuinely compelling you know you’ve found that rare thing, a “true artist.” Like thousands of other readers, I discovered AM Roselli’s –poetry, prose and original art on her popular blog,, and instantly knew I was in the presence of a real talent.

Fortunately, Roselli’s lyrical and artistic gifts are no longer limited to the blogosphere. love of the monster collects some of these love poems and artworks and showcases them in this beautiful book. In these pages, readers will discover her finely-chiseled free verse and innovative poetic forms which, like a mind dancing on the page, juxtapose one brilliant image after the other.

Returning to a childhood fascination with monsters, Roselli has created an imaginative volume that will have you rethinking the subject of love, especially the transformative power of exotic, erotic love.

DS Levy, author